If you listen to music listen to this song and understand.




Its upsetting that so many horrible spoiled spoon fed bands will grow huge and noticed and bands with a sense of urgency and real emotion will never be noticed. Bands with kids who put every ounce of everything they have into each note played and sang will go on to never get any recognition for their efforts. Kids, please some how get bored of the same old watered down bullshit and find bands in your state right under your nose who actually give a real big shit about playing something that has meaning and a lasting replay value . I hope i am not the only one who feels this in the year of 2012.  



Many new shows posted please go check them out here . Also last weekend we went out with the awesome guys in Late Nite Wars. If you don’t know them go check them out . We all had a whole lot of fun together and hopefully we get the chance to go out with them soon for longer. Big announcement coming within the next two weeks!


Recording is DONE!

We’re really bad at updating this, so we apologize. We have finished recording our new full length. It really means the world to us . Anyone that has known us these past few years, knows all of the things that we have all been through. Every note played on this record was done with the best effort. We hope you love it and will keep you posted on when it will be out. The album is currently being mixed by Nick Bellmore (Dexterslab in Milford CT) and will be mastered by Dan Randall ( Mammoth Sound Mastering in California ) . Thank you again.

-Wolves At Bay



We start recording a full length this friday. Expect updates everyday. Cant wait to start recording . We have alot of great ideas and are recording it with our great friend Nick Bellmore At Dexterslab in Milford, CT . This record truly means the absolute world to us . We have all been going through so much these past few years and have put so much effort into every note that you hear. 


Band Name Change - ‘Dear You’ will now be ‘Wolves at Bay’

To avoid issues concerning an already existing band by the name Dear You, we have (unfortunately) chosen to change our name. We will now go by the name Wolves At Bay. Although our name has changed, our music has not!

It was a hard decision to part with our old name, as it held much meaning to us. However, Wolves At Bay holds a deeper meaning, not only individually, but to the band as a whole. We’ve all had to deal with life’s struggles, some of which cause us to experience and feel things you’d rather keep at bay. The four of us have been there for one another through all the rough patches.

As of January 15th, 2011 all band links under Dear You will be changed as follows:

We want to thank you all so much for the love and support we have continued to receive. Remember to check back frequently as we have lots of great upcoming news and announcements as well as for a list of updated shows! Thanks for taking the time to read this.

with love,
WOLVES AT BAY. (formally Dear You)